Typing Master Pro 7.0

9:09 PM
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Website: http://www.typingmaster.com/
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?77jbish9xtddsg8
TypingMaster Pro by TypingMaster is a reasonably decent typing software app with a set of rather basic features. However it’s a bit frustrating to use – compared to similar apps – due to the user interface. Therefore, the software lands in 7th place on our list.
Ease of Use:
TypingMaster Pro is somewhat easy to figure out, but there is no screen-by-screen information or instruction. However, it’s not too difficult to manage, though we were occasionally frustrated with how the program works compared to similar apps.
We experienced no problems while installing TypingMaster Pro, but you should know the software itself is only available for computers running Windows. If you have an Apple computer running Mac OS X, or a Linux system, you can use the special TypingMaster Online, which is a web-based version of their typing software app.
Feature Set:
We found it at times frustrating to use this typing program. The user interface could be laid out better, making it easier to find the typing software’s features.
The typing software app teaches touch typing. You learn the home keys (A, S, D, F on the left hand; J, K, L, ; on the right hand; and both thumbs for the spacebar), and how to type efficiently while not looking at the keyboard as you do it.
TypingMaster Pro offers a "Pro Trainer" tool that analyzes your typing while you use certain Windows applications and then creates a customized lesson based on your weaknesses. You can also easily customize your drills and tests to work on a specific typing weakness.
TypingMaster Pro allows you to select from nine different languages and 34 different types of keyboards. There are also some basic games for typing fun available with the application. TypingMaster Pro contains an easy-to-read reports page, which you can print out in the form of a certificate of achievement.
We did have a problem with the application's testing system. When you're taking a test, the word you are supposed to type is underlined for you. But when you move to the next word, it takes an extra moment for the underline to move also. This problem becomes more irritating the faster you type. adsense 336x280

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