KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor

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Typing Tutor Features

>Typing lessons for home keys, neighbor keys, capitalization, punctuation, numbers and more
    >10 key number pad lessons
    >Practice exercises include trouble words, drills, prose and poems
    >Initial skills test to determine current level
    >Test typing skills at various interval durations
    >Calculates net and gross words per minute WPM, or keys per minute KPM on the 10 key number pad
    >Keyboard highlighting shows correct finger placement
    >Identifies troublesome words and characters where you need more practice
    >Import custom lessons, drills, and speed tests
    >Sound and color highlighting notify you of mistakes
    >Set personal words per minute speed goals
    >Set up accounts for multiple users
    >Printable course completion certificates
    >Wizard guides you through typing lessons
    >Save typing test results to a csv or tsv report
    >Quick and easy operation

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adsense 336x280

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