Hydrophobia Prophecy PC SKIDROW

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2051. The world has become consumed by the ever rising tide of the
 global population flood. Fertile land has been reclaimed by rising
 oceans and expanding deserts, resulting in famine and poverty on an
 unprecedented scale. Water is now mankind's most precious resource, and
 conflict erupts wherever it flows.

 A new political and ideological struggle has arisen. On one side are
 the Malthusians, who seek to control and reduce the global population.
 On the other side the Cornucopians, who want to find a technological
 solution to feed it. As desperation turns to despair, extremists on
 both sides are emerging.

 Only one buble of the old capitalist world survives. The Queen of the
 World is the largest ship ever to grace the oceans, a colossal city at
 sea where the wealthy elite live in exile from the chaos which
 surrounds them. Onboard this stateless paradise the Five Founding
 Fathers set about pursuing their Cornucopian research unimpeded.

 The contempt of the outside world is offset by NanoCell Corporation,
 one of the five, who promise to develop nano-technology to purify sea
 water at the molecular level and make the deserts bloom with the food
 of the world. But as they move closer to their goal, the bitterness of
 fanatical Malthusians grows.

 The so called 'Neo Malthusians' timed their attack perfectly. 9.8
 billion watched as they recast hope as hatred, following a prophecy to
 commit global genocide; drowning the planet with blood as they slash
 the worlds population to a mere half billion 'righteous souls'. A
 prophecy they will soon find themselves in a position to fulfil.

    * Unique “flow combat” delivers incredible emergent gameplay – no two battles are ever the same
    * Unleash floating oil fires, electricity, and the power of the water to wipe out enemies
    * Engage the enemy above and below the waves seamlessly
    * Utilise Kate’s flexy-screen MAVI (Mobile Automated Visual Interface) to outwit the dynamic AI
    * 200 unique collectables to find and almost 50 medals to unlock
    * Gain the power to directly control the water itself, in the awe inspiring Challenge Room

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Dark Energy Digital
Genre: Survival horror, adventure

Release Name: Hydrophobia.Prophecy-SKIDROW
Size: 2.68 GB

09-05-2011........Release Date <-> Protection...............Steam
Action...............Game Type <-> Disk(s)..................1 DVD

Install Notes
1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy all files from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
5. Play the game


Hydrophobia Prophecy PC SKIDROW
Well known scene group SKIDROW released the PC game Hydrophobia Prophecy. An action/puzzle game based on the world’s first engine using fluid dynamics. The graphics actually look quite nice. Systems engineer Kate Wilson finds herself trapped on the flooding lower decks of the Queen of the World when Neo Malthusians attack the colosal ship. Unarmed and vulnerable, Kate has only one goal; to escape. You must use every tool at your disposal as Kate learns that in order to survive, first she has to fight. Hydrophobia is powered by HydroEngineTM, the world’s first fluid dynamics game engine, which models flowing water completely realistically, resulting in the most dynamic and dramatic gameplay you have ever seen.
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