Making History II The War of the World v1.0.7 Update-SKIDROW

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Making History II The War of the World v1.0.7 Update-SKIDROW
SKIDROW has released an update for the war game , chcek more info inside the post.

Making History II The War of the World v1.0.7                  
        Bug Fixes:                                                     
        - Significant performance improvement, especially for single   
          and dual core machines                                       
        - Fixed Sea Engagement winner flag display                     
        - Fixed selection ring stacks for naval units                  
        - Fixed bug displaying nations at war with player in nation    
        - Fixed Brazilian flags                                        
        - Fixed cut off text in treaty reject panel                    
        - Fix Central European city display                            
        - Fix display of nationalities that can be liberated           
        - Fixed bug where turning a nation into a puppet deleted the   
          whole alliance war                                           
        - Liberating or creating a puppet will now put the new nation  
          in your alliance                                             
        - Add rejection notice for money transfers                     
        - Fixed display of Shore Bombardment order in the unit group   
        - Fixed display of some other unit orders                      
        - Formatted unit group range property in unit group panel      
        - Cleaned up data on Engagement panel                          
        - Added Pakistani flags                                        
        - Added sorting to the World Market tab of the Trade &         
          Finances panel                                               
        - Change to only show city builder when a city building is in  
        - Updated some icons                                           
        - Add tooltips to Engagement panel                             
        - Fixed display of Carrier Capacity                            
        - Fixed AI responses to money transfer requests                
        - Added diplomatic effects of money transfers                  
        - Updated region claims for Mengukuo                           
        - Added a city to Algeria                                      
        - Tune food demand for balance                                 
        - Added Option for setting the Refresh Rate of the monitor to  
          the top level options page                                   
        Known Issues:                                                  
        - If running in Conquest Mode and one of the 8 major nations   
          is conquered the game will break                             
        - Escort Carrier decals are wrong                              
        - Animations for some artillery models are backwards           
        - Save games will not be preserved from 1.0.6, but if you      
          export them before upgrading we'll try and help import them  
          to 1.0.7. We also plan to fix this for 1.0.8 and pull save   
          games forward as part of the update process (as long as the  
          new release is still compatible).                            

Install Notes
1. Unpack the included rar files.
2. Run MakingHistoryIISetup-1.0.7.exe and install
3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to yourmain installation directory and overwrite.
4. Play the game.

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