Windows XP SP3 Final BlueeXtreme

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Windows XP SP3 Final BlueeXtreme | 670MB

Windows XP Professional Edition with Service Pack 3, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Windows XP is the operating system release that unifies the Microsoft range, with all the desktop versions now built on the NT/2000 code base rather than the shakier foundation of Windows 95, 98, and Me. That makes XP a great upgrade for users of the now-obsolete 9x and Me line, but for those already on Windows 2000 Professional it is a closer call. Despite the similar name, there is no special synergy between Windows XP and Office XP, which works fine on Windows 2000

- Format: ISO
- Sata / Raid / SCSI: with => Masstore 10.06
- Online Update: there
- Optimization: At the very least, let you do this if you want
- Hardware Requirements: Celeron 2.2 or higher; 512MB RAM or more 3GB or more hard drive, VGA or higher 64mb.
- The components are integrated by default: IE8, WMP11, some themes and wallpaper, some pointers chuot.Tat all there is to it.


- IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
- Indexing Service
- Mouse Cursors
- Music Samples
- Search Assistant
- Tour
- MSN Explorer
- Peer-to-Peer
- Internet Games
- Pinball


- Burn CDs at 4x speed, 8x => Beware of the risk of burning.
- Before you see the scene:
Please to Win disc in my CD, see then can draw out from this disc.
- During installation, namely just before minute 39, a driver interface options to integrate out

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