Download Portable Adobe Photoshop CS6 Lite® Full Version (Multilingual)

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Portable Adobe Photoshop CS6 Lite

Synopsis: this is an extreme "Lite" version for minimalists looking for the bare essentials.. Photoshop by itself is a very capable application.. you can do almost anything w/just Photoshop.. I know plugins & addons are sexy.. but they are space eaters & resource hogs.. A better alternative is to learn Photoshop..

Writes settings to: Registry. (handled by launcher)
How to install: extract to desired location, launch `PhotoshopPortable.exe`.
Stealth [?]: Yes
UNC: Yes
Minimal requirements: Windows XP with Service Pack 3+, 32/64.
Dependencies: Administrative Rights, Visual C++ (integrated)
Note: The Splash Screen will still say 13.0.1.. click on "System Info" to see updated version. Read here.
Download: PhotoshopPortable_13.0.1.2.paf.exe | CRC: B2CB65A7 | 75.5mb - 120mb
CameraRaw_Camera_and_Lens_Profiles_7.4.paf.exe | CRC: D2732811  | 59.6mb - 342mb
Download: Photoshop64Portable_13.0.1.2.paf.exe | CRC: 8173EAD4  | 88.7mb - 159mb
CameraRaw64_Camera_and_Lens_Profiles_7.4.paf.exe | CRC: 080A554A  | 59.6 mb - 342mb
adsense 336x280

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