AMS Software Photo Art Studio 3.42 Portable

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AMS Software Photo Art Studio 3.42 Portable | 22.9 MB

Photo Art Studio is a brand-new application for decorating photos and applying effects. Within literally a couple of seconds, you will be able to build up a stylish frame, create a postcard or a collage. The program includes a handful of functions necessary for processing digital photographs: automatic enhancement and editing, creating special effects, framing, adding decorations and labels. The distribution kit includes somewhat about three hundreds of decoration options, and this number increases in the full version!

Photo Art Studio Portable features a pretty, customizable user interface, easy to get along with. The program is easy and comfortable to operate, and its capabilities exceed your expectations! After just a few minutes, you will master the art of professional decoration of photos of any kind. The built-in help system and the online tutorial will help you turn your pictures into true masterpieces!

So, go ahead and launch Photo Art Studio and then open the first photo in it. The editor pane will come up right next; there you can adjust the primary properties of the image and crop your image. Next, by choosing the operating mode, you can shape up the photograph with special filters, apply classical and modern frames, and create postcards and original collages.

Major Advantages of Photo Art Studio:
- Convenient user interface and ease of operation.
- Five automatic photo enhancement algorithms.
- Over three hundreds of decoration schemes: frames, masks, postcards, collages...
- Huge set of new templates in the full version, expandable template base.
- Wide choise of payment methods. Completely secure ordering.

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