Dynamite Jack v1.0.20 Free

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Take one part stealth action game, but give the protagonist an unlimited supply of bombs, and you end up with something close to Dynamite Jack. It’s a top-down 2D puzzle/action game where you play a space marine trying to escape a mine after ditching that whole captivity thing. Being chained down ain’t Jack’s bag, baby. Jack likes to blow stuff up.

The main purpose of each level is to get to the exit. You’ll only have a couple of tools at your disposal: a flashlight and an unlimited supply of bombs. Of course, it’s not just a simple matter of finding the exit; there are some obstacles along the way. Most of the time you’ll encounter guards who patrol their set path and come running when they hear a bomb go off. They’re also carrying flashlights of their own, and you’ll die an unceremonious and instant death by gunfire or laser if you get caught in their cone of light. Feel free to stand right next to them as long as you don’t let more than a couple pixels of your body enter their sights.


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